About Us

Katrin Andersson Limited is an international Human Leadership and change management consultancy based in London and with a regular commitment in Stockholm, Sweden.

We act as consultants and advisors
For brave decision makers and courageous business leaders
Increasing business, client, employee and shareholder value.
“Strong and courageous, gentle and flexible, it is an approach that is demanding, encouraging and reassuring at the same time. Very effective” 

Katrin Andersson is the founder and owner of Katrin Andersson Limited.

“The challenge is to have enough detail to engage attention and not to overwork it. The strength will be in its simplicity. A consistent clear message.” Katrin Andersson

Strategic partners


Colin Crone IT Project Manager and Change Management Specialist Konstruct

Colin Crone

The question you should be asking is “How much is your company worth without its data?”
Your answer is most probably yes but how to make the most of that data, getting the tools that will work for your company?
Konstruct is a Project Management and Change Management  Consultancy that helps companies enrich their knowledge and make the next step in growth.
Colin Crone, Director and Founder, has worked with a lot of organisations make the most of their data. He will help any company make the journey of investing in and developing their knowledge base.


Palmklint Kommunikation AB

Niklas Palmklint Photographer

Niklas Palmklint

Sanna Palmklint

Sanna Palmklint

What do a Human Leadership consultant, a photographer and a visual communicator have in common? Using our interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in leadership and change management and development, in behaviour and in visual communication, photography, film and creative styling we have formed A Buzz And A Brand.
Together we are providing consultation, advice and workshops “A Story of Identity – Human Leadership the camera’s focal point” to business leaders and their teams with focus on change; identity, visual communication, leadership and brand development.