How we work

“You don’t forecast the future you try and create the future. To succeed you need clarity of purpose and clarity of principle. Organisationally you need to give people as much autonomy and independence as possible, that is the way to go because people respond to responsibility.” Sir Geoffrey Chandler, 1922-2011, Founder Chair, Amnesty International UK Business Group 1991-2001 and former senior executive Royal/Dutch Shell Group.

Human Leadership is about aligning individual potential and ambition with business objectives, strategy, goals and outcomes. Generating growth and achieving extraordinary results.

The starting point is a process of identifying your

The starting point is a process of identifying your Vision Action Result


Confidently navigate and keeping a balance between what is unknown, discovered and yet to discover. Human leaders clearly define vision, action and results for themselves, their team and business.

It is about the ability to have focus, structure and flexibility at the same time.

“a company which feels that it has reached its goal will quickly stagnate and lose its vitality.” The Testament of A Furniture Dealer, Ingvar Kamprad 1976

The next step is to identify and indicate a measurement of

The starting point is a process of identifying your Vision Action Result
With the individual at the centre growth and sustainability is about unlocking potential and ambition in people, business and organisations.

“A great culture is not easy to build – it’s why high performing cultures are such a powerful competitive advantage. Yet organizations that build great cultures are able to meet the demands of the fast-paced, customer-centric, digital world we live in. More and more organizations are beginning to realize that culture can’t be left to chance. Leaders have to treat culture building as an engineering discipline, not a magical one.” Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi, How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation, Harvard Business Review Nov 25, 2015

It is underlined by clarity and strength in

It is underlined by clarity and strength in Diversity Equality Competence

To make a difference, being curious, engaged and explore the unknown demands openness, courage and focus. The result of linking the impact of communication with cultural identity is the ability to navigate through business challenges and knowing how to achieve sustainable results.

“…neither industry or society at large, can afford to ignore diversity and equality. If companies are to succeed in attracting the right labour force in the international market it is important to be an attractive employer. Everyone needs to feel welcome and to be heard. For me it’s about creating an inclusive workplace that takes advantage of the competence that each individual has.” Azita Shariati , MD Sodexo Sweden and Business Woman of the Year 2015, interviewed in Svenska Dagbladet 04 March 2015
Combination of Vision Action Result, Talent Ambition Practice, Diversity Equality Competence

What seem simple in theory and obvious on paper in reality are often complex interactions between different interests, between people with different wishes and focus, aim and gain. It requires power and influence, focus and perseverance to drive and create change and get the result you want. Consistently and regularly asking the questions

Why are we doing this?
How will we do it?
What is the outcome?

It is about the ability to imagine a future and making a valid judgement of when a risk is worth taking or not.

“Transformative vision should create tangible value; it can’t just be theoretical” Sofia Wiberg, ABE School, KTH, Stockholm.


Case Studies:

Strategic competence: Strategic talent management and Human Leadership

The story:
The client, a charismatic business leader with excellent track record and a dedicated team. The business owner and leader wanted the team to become more strategic and individually realise their leadership potential and in an increasingly competitive market strengthen the company’s identity.

The outcome:
Focusing on team strength, individual awareness and ambition enhanced leadership confidence and clarity about individual responsibility and delivery. A stronger company identity increased profitability and promotions.

Our role and engagement:

  • In a step by step approach and process identify the overall vision, foresight and expected company results.
  • Identify and act on key issues; strength and differences, team and individual development potential.
  • Design, facilitate and evaluate regular team “Strategy and development days”.
  • Support partner collaboration, individual ambition and development.


Decision making and growth: Diversity and cross cultural competence

The story:
The client is an organisation wanting to review and re-vitalise decision making; process and responsibility. To gain a better understanding of how decision making can work in a dynamic, diverse and democratic organisation. Gain a shared understanding of history, understand the issues and the problems to be solved. Agree on a process for decision making and change.

A commitment to instead of speculation collect evidence of how to best design an effective decision making system and process. Instead of only one, create at least three different options to explore and discuss and test their viability and effectiveness. Increased ability to listen before stating an opinion. More open-minded towards contemplating different possibilities, opportunities and change.
Building a future contrary to being stuck in past success and outlook.

Our role and engagement:

  • Facilitate communication and dialogue.
  • Support key leadership issues.
  • Focus on behaviour, open up mindset, explore differences, identity and common ground.
  • Agree an outline, purpose and process for change.


Human Leadership is about

Groups Teams Individuals working together

Groups Teams Individuals working together

Create vision, set direction and be prepared to shift and adapt to new and changing circumstances.

  • Be brave, recognise and constructively approach uncertainty.
  • Resourcefully support each other ready to explore the unknown, review mistakes and celebrate success.
  • Reach outstanding potential, together and alone.
  • Embrace, motivate, stimulate and retain diverse and top talent.

“Create instead of criticise ‘1+1=3’ discovery instead of complacency.”