Katrin Andersson, founder and owner of Katrin Andersson Limited

“There were things being attempted that had not been done before.”

Making a difference began when working in Glasgow in the Gorbals in the mid 1970’s.

“On a grey and cold February morning arriving in Glasgow from Stockholm I quickly learned about poverty and diversity from new and very different perspectives. It gave me a good running, and a good grounding in professional values, in beliefs and experience that to this day continues to inspire and inform my practice. How, when people are treated with respect and as resourceful individuals it is possible to make the unbelievable believable, the impossible possible.”

Katrin Andersson’s work in change management and development covers over 30 years of experience. It extends into many facets of both change and leadership; identity, culture, competence, strategy, action and the importance of a balanced budget and being properly funded.

By managing the potential for development and successful change in the individual and of the organisation together, Katrin Andersson has been engaged in the process of leadership and change in different and challenging environments.

“It is about the constant interaction and traction between human values and behaviour, business objectives, organisational growth, and profitability. That is the interaction between the individual and the business connecting Vision>Action>Result.”

Returning from Glasgow via London to Stockholm with the opportunity to work in new and exciting projects Katrin Andersson got confirmation and validation that however different the environment as human beings and professionals we are at the same time different and also pretty similar. “We all want respect for who we are; we want to be seen, heard and listened to”.

That experience and insight is continuously strengthened from the day when Katrin returned to live and work in London in the early 1980’s. How our differences and similarities as human beings and professionals creates both tension and opportunities.

In a global economy and workplace how to successfully engage, develop and grow demands knowledge and awareness of the interplay between individual and company values, culture, conscious and unconscious bias. Acknowledge and resourcefully manage the human factor together with business objectives and its impact on information gathering, assessment and knowledge development. How our emotional and cognitive response guides our selection and prioritising of facts, scientific data and opinions. Therefore how we interpret and understand the world and individuals around us. Insight and understanding of how we think and interact is vital to the bottom line.

Often asked about “method of working”, in 2010 Katrin began to formulate her practice, her experience, knowledge and philosophy into a Human Leadership framework; the connection and interaction between business and human behaviour.

The starting point is a focus and development on individual and company Vision Action Result supported by an assessment and measurement of Talent Ambition Practice, tried and tested in the value and belief of Diversity Equality Competence.

Firmly rooted in practice, experience and knowledge that there is a strong link between the motivation, ambition and growth of the individual and the growth and success of companies, organisations and business.

  • Whoever you are, wherever you are getting people on board ready to ask questions and venture outside their comfort zone with integrity is essential when driving development, creating sustainable change and establishing innovation and growth.
  • Fear of the unknown as well as complacency “we already know what we know best” creates a mindset, a culture and approach equally destructive and misplaced in business and community building.
  • New connections create essential energy, new possibilities, knowledge and competence.
  • Competence and knowledge creates profitability and growth.


“‘What if’ and ‘whatever it takes’ curiosity about the unknown and what can be done, has been a strong driver and motivator throughout Katrin’s life and in her work. In her work, in different circumstances, in different parts of the world with a huge variety of people, in encounters with successful, exceptional and ordinary individuals and groups a common ground and motivator has been curiosity, courage and competence – to dare and take on the unknown.

‘I have known Katrin for the best part of a decade and valued her guidance through that time. In our many conversations, she has provided excellent insight, drawing on her portfolio of leadership positions and appreciation of how to deliver successful change. This has helped me through various challenging situations. She really appreciates the fine interaction between human behaviour and values, business objectives and organisational growth and profitability and always provides sound counsel.’  Mark Wheatley, Director, Parkwell