Human Leadership

A Catalyst for Change

“Human Leadership is an effective way to catalyse change with the individual as a starting point creating growth and profitability in all types and sizes of businesses, companies and organisations.”


Vision is about courage – strategy and planning

Action is about change – tactics and execution

Result is about outcome – potential and the bottom line

Leadership is about human behaviour and engagement. The ability to create, inspire, drive and support sustainable change.
Leadership where employees are inspired and respected, given freedom and responsibility will increase productivity and employee retention. Business where competence is valued, stretched and developed attracts diverse and top talent. Companies with a diverse workforce gain better results.

Human Leadership is about understanding the engagement and strength of the interaction and connection between individual talent and individual ambition with company objectives, goals and outcomes.

In today’s data rich and technology driven environment, in our global, highly competitive and fast changing world how we think and interact is vital to the bottom line.

It is about:The starting point is a process of identifying your Vision Action Result

Developing a strong sense of identity and focus provides people with purpose. It has a direct impact on our businesses performance, talent development, staff motivation, loyalty and retention.

It is about:
The starting point is a process of identifying your Vision Action Result

Human Leadership is a framework developed from experience in diverse and often challenging circumstances.

It is about:It is underlined by clarity and strength in Diversity Equality Competence


“…if there is one thing the Great Financial Crisis showed it is that finance and economics are not just about numbers. Culture matters too. The way that people organize institutions, define social networks, and classify the world has a crucial impact on how the government, business, and economy function.” Gillian Tett, The Silo Effect p.xii, Little Brown 2015

A Human Leader

Acts with integrity, keep focus and has a pragmatic approach with visionary goals and outcomes. It is about believing in the unknown, bringing your team with you and taking responsible risks without knowing exactly how it will turn out in the future.


In the Eye of the Perfect Storm > Listen, lead and communicate

“A consistent and clear message of purpose, direction and trust is central in a more integrated and diverse world. Creating a sense of belonging and team identity will give a point of reference and support in an environment where flexibility and urgent decision making is of essence. For individuals to act independently yet within a common purpose, the team will provide strength and inspiration together with direction, encouragement and motivation”. Katrin Andersson, Join the Freedom Fighters  Watch Out for the Sharks p. 12, Report 2002

“To deliver the best, you need to excel, you need to compete, argue and give way for new ideas, initiatives, actions and change.” Jon Snow, Channel 4 News